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Sirian Warrior of Light & Sasquatch Being - Page 7

SIRIAN WARRIOR OF LIGHT was made with telepathic communication informing me (Cynthia) how to make their features so that those who had incarnated on Earth could find one another to work together. They agreed to be born in human bodies in this lifetime to help with the ascension process and to protect the Lightworkers on Earth, so they could complete their missions. When they "awaken" to who they are and their mission they are taken aboard ships where they are retrained to remember how to use their technology and weapons. Their purpose is to destroy the super-androids that are created by the governments to imprison humanity and keep the subservant. They are not allowed to kill humans except for self-defense, when the life of a lightworker or other another comrade is threatened. They work with the Galactic Federation and other Federations working to restore Peace in the Universe.

SIRIAN WARRIOR OF LIGHT MALE: $95.00 plus shipping

SIRIAN WARRIOR OF LIGHT FEMALE: $95.00 plus shipping

Sirian Warrior of Light woman kneeling with her hands out (allowing her to hold your favorite crystal as depicted in the picture), honoring the power of the Crystals which is a major power source in the Universe.  

SASQUATCH (BIG FOOT) are psychic, multi-dementional and able to slip into and out of unseen dimensions. Evidence is presented from many first hand accounts that Sasquatch works in conjunction with extraterrestrials as guards and scouts. The Native Americans have a long history of reports of interacting with the "tall man" and they have reported that it possesses not only the ability to de-materialize and materialize at will, but also possesses strong PSI, powers and influence including telepathy and hypnotic suggestion. 

SASQUATCH: $75.00 plus shipping

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